Emmanuele Design (EMD) Lowering Spring Kit - G80 M3
Emmanuele Design (EMD) Lowering Spring Kit - G80 M3
Emmanuele Design (EMD) Lowering Spring Kit - G80 M3
Emmanuele Design (EMD) Lowering Spring Kit - G80 M3
Emmanuele Design (EMD) Lowering Spring Kit - G80 M3

Emmanuele Design (EMD) Lowering Spring Kit - G80 M3

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After much anticipation, we are pleased to release our lowering spring kit for the BMW M3 G80 platform! Taking our expierience from our highly popular F80 springs, the goal with this offering was to lower the M3 by a tasteful amount while keeping ride quality the same or better than stock. After multiple prototypes and valuable user feedback, we believe that we met our goal. 

Our lowering springs are specifically designed to utilize the factory dampers. They are fully compatible with both standard as well as adaptive suspension. Each spring is made in the USA to our unique specifications for rates and geometries. The springs are made of high tensile chrome silicon and each unit is shot peened, pre-set and 100% tested to ensure all the critical dimensions and rate/loads are within tolerance. The springs are then powder coated with a stealth black finish for an OEM appearance.


Front Lowering: 1.4"

Rear Lowering: 0.7"

Stock Front Rate: 186 lb./in.

EMD Auto Front Rate: 194 lb./in.

Stock Rear Rate: 608 lb./in.

EMD Auto Rear Rate: 645 lb./in.


Are these springs compatible with adaptive ride control?

Yes, these springs are compatible with adaptive ride control. They pair extremely well with the adjustable dampening, as they maintain the distinct ride characteristics between the different modes.

Are these springs okay for a daily driver?

Yes, these springs were specifically designed for daily driven vehicles. They were designed to maintain the factory ride quality.

Will lowering springs cause my factory shocks and struts to wear out prematurely?

Our springs are a linear rate design, similar to the OEM units. As such, they are not expected to cause additional wear on the shocks and struts. The spring heights are also designed to stay within the travel range of the factory shocks and struts to ensure longevity of the factory components.

Will there be any added noise with these springs?

No, as we use a linear design with no dead coils, there will be no added noise over a stock spring. These springs are designed to be a direct replacement for the factory units, with no need to change any other components.

I received plastic spacers with my springs. What are these for?

These machined ABS spacers are included with our M3 springs. They offer some adjust-ability in terms of how you want the body line to appear. For a factory body line, install without the spacers. For a forward rake appearance, with an even tire to fender gap (as shown in the pictures below), install the spacers. The M3 sits ~1 inch lower in the rear in factory form, so installing without the spacers will keep this appearance. The spacers install on top of the metal upper spring perch, sitting between the perch and the body. When you remove the spring, this perch will sometimes remain in the body. Simply tap it with a rubber mallet to break it free, then install the spacer on top of it (using the nub to center it).


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