S58 MIDPIPE - G80 M3 G82/G83 M4

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• Exotic Exhaust Sound
• X-Pipe Design
• Fits OEM Underbody Brace
• SS304 Stainless Steel
• Saves 15lbs Over OEM


The ARM S58 Midpipe upgrade is designed to unleash the incredible exhaust sounds from your G80 M3/M4.  By removing the secondary catalysts and two middle resonators, the ARM S58 Midpipe substantially improves the sound of your S58 powered BMW.  Also, by retaining the OEM muffler, you still have the ability to control the exhaust flaps, allowing you to close them for a more tame volume when you want to be quiet, or open the valves for maximum sound.


The ARM S58 Midpipe will not only increase the overall volume of your exhaust but also transform the sound into something truly unique from an ordinary G80 M3.  It will also make the exhaust burbles more audible even with OEM tuning.  The G82 M4 in the video below is equipped with both the ARM S58 Midpipe and ARM S58 Downpipes.  Pairing the ARM S58 Midpipes with the ARM S58 Downpipes will increase the overall volume of your S58 even more than the S58 Midpipe alone.  

S58 Midpipe


The ARM S58 Midpipes are built with SS304 stainless steel and backed by the ARM Motorsports Lifetime Warranty.  The ARM S58 Midpipes start with a OEM-style 2-Bolt flange which can mate up to either the OEM downpipes, or upgraded downpipes that fit the OEM exhaust.  These flanges will accommodate the OEM midpipe gasket perfectly.  Alternatively, you can choose to upgrade your S58's crossover pipe with the ARM S58 Crossover Pipe.  The optional ARM S58 Crossover Pipe replaces the heavy OEM pipe to open up more sound and saves an additional 4lbs.

S58 Midpipe ARM Motorsports

The ARM S58 Midpipe then transitions to the X-Pipe section of the exhaust via the slip-fit connections on either side.  The X-Pipe is the heart of the ARM S58 Midpipe and is where the magic happens.  The sound waves of each bank of your S58 engine are combined to produce a much more exotic and richer exhaust note. The X-Pipe section lives above the OEM brace with ample clearance, there is no need to install a larger brace.

From the X-Pipe section the ARM S58 Midpipe upgrade transitions back to the OEM muffler, which allows full use of the OEM exhaust valves.  This gives you the freedom to choose between open and closed exhaust flaps, controlling the volume your G80 M3/M4 produces.  To get a look to match your ARM S58 Midpipe check out the ARM S58 Exhaust Tips

S58 Midpipes ARM

The ARM S58 Midpipe will secure to the exhaust hanger on the driver's side using a standard exhaust hanger prong.  It is secured to the passenger's side using the OEM style mounting bracket.  These help the exhaust from jostling around during aggressive driving.

S58 Midpipe


• 1x ARM S58 Crossover Pipe (Optional)
• 2x Front Midpipe Sections
• 1x X-Pipe
• 4x Clamps



Make Model Submodel Engine
BMW G80 M3 S58 3.0L
BMW G80 M3 Competition xDrive S58 3.0L
BMW G82 M4 S58 3.0L
BMW G82 M4 Competition xDrive S58 3.0L
BMW G83 M4 S58 3.0L
BMW G83 M4 Competition xDrive S58 3.0L


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